Evaluation Session
Just a fancy name for the student's first session at Vital Balance Pilates. Gives the student a chance to disclose whatever information they feel is important for their teacher to know and then move!

Private Sessions
Private sessions provide a one on one environment for the student to explore the classical work, their strengths, and find direction on how to address their specific needs. This is also a great way to get ready for either format or self directed classes.

Semi-Private Sessions
Semi-Private sessions are much the same as private sessions with th eadded bonus of getting to work with a friend or student.

Format Directed Classes
Format Directed classes are group classes that are themed by the specific body of work, such as reformer classes, mat classes, chair classes, etc.

Joe's Workout
Joe's Workout, a self directed class is our favorite. The student chooses what work they are doing that day. All studio apparatus is available; from reformer, mat, Cadillac, chairs, barrels, guillotine, small apparatus. This workout is for the Pilates practitioner that wants a sweaty workout that will create strength and empowerment as they explore the entire method.

Structural Integrity